Thursday, 28 October 2010

Ah the joys, having had a leisurely breakfast with my wife- birthday, got on a later train this morning, having spoken of being set in the mold by catching the same train everyday it was with a lighter step I left the house this morning, immediately the later time - 8 o clock, the brighter light felt good, the silence was broken by so much more traffic and people around thou! It was slightly bizarre standing on a different station with different people, a bit like changing schools or moving to a different class as a child, people who do not recognise you as a 'regular' giving you the once over before turning back to the metro. I think the main real difference was the actual number of people who were on the train, every seat full and people sitting on the floor, the most bizarre thing that struck me was when we got to the station before our destination, about 10mins away everybody got up and started queing for the exit...... Why stand up for 10 mins on a moving train, the platform is chaos your not going to get anywhere, its like people have an obsession with being first off the train into the mele of the staion, I feel like I am being pressured into queing into the system, I see why I get the early train, little pressure and just a nice get up and go, still we que get off enjoy the massive bundle of human scrummage and escape to the fresh air of the other side ! Nice, still as a bonus I heard my name being called a a guy from the office and I chatted our way into work, every cloud and all .

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I have been watching a piece of unattended luggage on the platform and wondering how long it takes before it is removed without warning, not only this but how will it happen? There is a massive billboard on both sides of the platform proclaiming that this will happen. So how will it and will it happen whilst I am watching it? As surely I would see it happen, therefore I would be warned. I am wondering if I look away will I turn back to see it gone ? Like the old saying "if a tree falls in the forest with no-one there, does it make any sound" , as if there is a person especially employed to remove luggage left unattended when no-one is looking , would be quite an interesting job advert, I mean would they even place it, or like the left luggage , would the position be filled when it was unattended? Or can any member of staff take the luggage, platform staff are a missing entity in themselves, dis embodied voices inform us of our trains arrival and where it will take us, a man on one side a woman on the other, but that's equality for you. When I found this information out I listened at more stations to see if it was the same person at each one, sadly not, unfortunately they do not use regional diction either, a slight disappointment as I think that would bring some charm back to train travel, but again maybe that's why they have done it. Nothing like feeling your nowhere in-particular to fit in.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

i do mainly run in yellow

So I started running again this evening, a couple of ankle injuries, getting married and random diy projects have kept me busy over the summer but unfortunately have also put a few spare pounds on too, so back to pounding the streets it is.
So as I was running I thought I could post about each of my runs as everyone knows who runs plenty of random thoughts pass through your brain whilst your out.
Todays main thought was that I should run everyday for a year a post a blog about it daily to keep the motivation up.
So from 1st November I will be running daily come rain or shine and sharing my pointless thoughts and random questions on here.
I do mainly run in yellow and can often be seen running round Eastleigh, so feel free to come running with or say hello.